Stories to Keep Yourself Going

There are so many amazing people out there, writing candidly and honestly about life with chronic illness, invisible (or visible) disability, and other such things.

Some make me laugh, others make me cry. Some make me fist-pump the air about what WARRIORS we can be, and still others make me promise myself to try harder.

These are some of my favourites.

Have a good story to share? Leave the link in the comments on this page.

Together, as a community, we are stronger.

Five Reasons Fatigue Isn’t Like Normal Tiredness (Proving Most People Don’t Get It)

How to speak AS
An outsider’s guide, from those on the inside.
(This AS Life)

The Deeper Meaning Behind ‘I’m Just Tired’
By Claire Cannon
(The Mighty)

The Spoon Theory
By Christine Miserandino
(But You Don’t Look Sick)

I had an autoimmune disease. Then the disease had me.
By Meghan O’Rourke
(The New Yorker)

You Shouldn’t Go It Alone
By Dr. Laurie
(Creaky Joints)

4 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with AS
By Mary Baucom

10 Ways You Know It’s A Flare Day
(This AS Life)

19 ‘Little Victories’ People with Chronic Illness Celebrate
By Erin Migdol and the Mighty Community
(The Mighty)

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