A.S. Community

Anyone facing a chronic illness like Ankylosing Spondylitis feels way better when they have a community — virtual or real — of people, resources, and services. On this page, I highlight mine.

Stories to Keep Yourself Going highlights other people out there writing about chronic illness.

In the Twittersphere features a round-up of all of the health (and particularly A.S.)-related Twitter accounts I follow.

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things is the page where I outline strategies for keeping healthy, and the stuff I use to keep on track.

It Takes A Village shines the spotlight on my support network, including links to local (Toronto-area) and online resources.

On My Bookshelf provides links to great resources to better understand Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Stories to Keep Yourself Going

There are so many amazing people out there, writing candidly and honestly about life with chronic illness, invisible (or visible) disability, and other such things. Some make me laugh, others make me cry. Some make me fist-pump the air about what WARRIORS we can be, and still others make me promise myself to try harder. These are some of my… Continue reading Stories to Keep Yourself Going

In the Twittersphere

The Twitterverse is full of useful accounts for all kinds of things A.S.-related. Whether it’s mindfulness, medical research, patient advocacy, or inspirational or commiserative stories, Twitter is one of my favourite places to find whatever it is that I might need at any given moment.

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Living with A.S., for me, has meant a life of planning, a life of tracking, a life of organizing things… This hasn’t come naturally to me. Actually, it’s taken a lot of stuff —apps, gadgets, comfortable things to wear… I’ll be using this page to post some of the things that I’ve found the most useful.

It Takes A Village

Where would I be without my support network? Lost — that’s where!

Between my doctors and my other healthcare practitioners, my gym with its amazing facilities, my grocery delivery service… there are a lot of people who I rely on, who I’m thrilled to have in my corner. Not only am I grateful for the internet, I count myself as SO lucky to be in a city like Toronto!

On My Bookshelf

With so many resources out there, it’s sometimes hard to know which are worth reading. On this page, I’ll highlight the books that have helped me in one way or another… And bonus: if you buy the books on Amazon by clicking the cover images on this page, I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds… Continue reading On My Bookshelf